World Class Fishing! At the heart of the world-renowned southern Quebec fishery, Blue Walleye Outpost at Lac Achepabanca walleye fishing at it's finest! Our lakes boast cold waters, rocky ledges, plentiful bait fish, and shallow bays and rivers to create one of the most lucrative fishing spots in all of North America. If you are looking for Quebec trophy fishing, look no further than Blue Walleye Outpost at Achepabanca. Quebec walleye fishing trips, trophy walleye fishing trips.

Popular fish just waiting to be caught include northern pike, walleye, the famous blue walleye , and brook trout. Northern Pike are hard hitting, powerful species is found in large numbers and in hefty sizes throughout our territory. Fill a stringer full of mid-size fish or to set your sights on landing a “water wolf” upwards of 30 pounds. Every year our clients boat truly big pike, green monsters, and leave with tasty filets and a lifetime of memories.

Simply stated, our lakes and rivers are loaded with walleye. Plentiful bait fish, diverse structure from rock ledges to shoals, sandbars and weed beds create an ideal habitat for walleye fishing. Another type of fish begging to be caught is the famous Blue Walleye. The blue walleye, which gave our camp the name, are plentiful in our lakes and rivers even though they are in less than 5% of all Canadian waters. Blues, as we call them, resembles other walleye, but they have a distinct blue tint, particularly in their dorsal fin. Generally, with each stringer of ‘eyes brought to the fish house, several of them are blue.

In the Quebec Bush, fishermen call brook trout brookies, speckles, and reds. Our outpost has several small lakes that teem with these beautiful, feisty fish. Early in the season is most productive, but feel free to take some casts at any time of the year.

Lac Achepabanca is about 6 miles long and connects to 3 other lakes all accessible through the river systems. As the only outfitter on these lakes, our fishermen have over 15 miles of water for fishing. The lakes' structure varies from rock ledges to shoals, sandbars and weed beds which are ideal for great walleye and pike fishing.

We provide you with a:14 ft. aluminum boat and a well maintained 9.9 hp 4 stroke motor. Don't believe us when we say we have the best sport fishing around? Browse through our pictures and discover why so many outdoorsmen have done business with us. Whether you catch and release or bring the fish back at the camp to eat, fishermen of all types will enjoy creating memories one cast at a time at Blue Walleye Fishing Outpost. We have large freezers to preserve your catch to eat later or take to your taxidermist.



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