Quebec at it's finest!



You'll love the wilderness!

Greetings from Blue Walleye Outpost! We are your headquarters for experiencing the wilderness like never before. We are a professional Canadian Outfitter at Lac Achepabanca QC. Whether it's fishing, hunting or just getting away from it all, Blue Walleye Outpost is your perfect destination for the outdoor person in you!   Blue Walleye Outpost is a remote drive in camp located on the shores of beautiful and scenic Lac Achepabanca. At the heart of the scenic wild Quebec Borealis Forest, our lodge offers guests the experience of one of the finest sporting adventures in all of North America. We area a 2 hour drive North/east of Senneterre, Quebec, Canada on a well maintained gravel road. We meet you at our parking area for the1 mile boat ride to our camp. We have hot and cold running water, flush toilets and everything you will need to prepare your meals. We use generators and solar power for electricity. We have satellite internet, Wi-Fi and phone. Experience the thrill of hunting down your first trophy bear or just sit back on a boat and fish for the famous blue walleye. Whatever your idea of the outdoors is, here at Blue Walleye Outpost, we have you covered! The owners and operators of Blue Walleye Outpost, the six Shea brothers, are anxious to welcome you to their slice of the Canadian Bush. We pledge courtesy, helpfulness, encouragement, and we will do all we can to ensure your stay will yield memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to start planning your Canadian Wilderness adventure.