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Now booking spring bear hunts for 2021!

We did not Hunt in 2020 due to Covid, so 2021 should be outstanding.

Quebec spring black bear 7-day hunt: $1,575  GST/QST Taxes included!

Quebec  7 day fishing trip: $695   New 4 stroke motors!

A note from the Shea Brothers:
Ready to Bust Lose in 2021!
We have been coming to the Quebec Wilderness every year for the past 50 years....with the exception of 2020.  The COVID pandemic closed the border.  As U.S. citizens we were barred from entry -- even though we own three different properties in Canada.  Our forced estrangement from our beloved camp was, well, brutal.
But if there is any good news about the difficult year it was the "pause" of human action in our special slice of wilderness.  Our lake is massive, and one cannot imagine any impact from fishing clients in any given year.  But we know for sure that not a single fish was caught since the summer of 2019.  Likewise, our territory is infested with bears -- but we also know that no bear was shot since June of 2019.
In other words, we expect 2021 will be a very special time at Blue Walleye Outpost.  We're forecasting huge numbers of fish, with tons of lunkers in the mix, and trophy-sized bears being harvested.
Is it a sure thing that the border will be open in May and June 2021?  I don't know, but with the pace of vaccine inoculations, there's a very good likelihood that it will.  Believe us, Canada wants visitors (and U.S. dollars) to cross the border soon!
Please know that if you make a reservation with us and cannot cross the border because of the pandemic, we would be happy to give you a complete refund -- or a 10 percent discount if you would prefer to roll it over to the following year.
But we feel very confident that our camp will be open next spring.  So come join us for a truly special season.  In some ways, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  

 Blue Walleye Outpost

Lac Achepabanca  

Quebec black bear hunting. Quebec moose hunting. Excellent walleye and pike fishing.