Quebec Hunting


Quebec baited spring bear/Quebec moose

Note from recent hunter: " Hi Pat,  I'm sending this from my stand. I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing trip!  Your brothers are awesome!  I saw 3 or 4 bears the first night.  (3 and 4 might have been the same bear)   I watched a cub hit the bait for over an hour.  One of the four was a brute,  but didn't come into bow range.   I missed a shot at an average size bear the next night.  I'm blaming my new high tech scope.   I have seen a couple more bear but haven't had a shot. We have caught a decent amout of both pike and walleye.  Both boys caught pike over 30". I just wanted to let you know that I will  definitely back weather I get a bear or not!   The experience has been great,  I love the fact that I can hunt at my leisure and don't have to wait to get dropped off or picked up.  Nice job!   Troy"    June 2014

Blue Walleye Outpost at Lac Achepabanca Quebec bear hunting at it's finest!  We are tucked away in the corner of a vast untamed Canadian wilderness. A network of hundreds of miles of old logging roads have been transformed into a unique, productive hunting territory.

We take great pride in our hunting at Blue Walleye Outpost because of our rich history of successful and memorable hunts. Not only do we provide black bear and moose hunting in Quebec, Canada, we offer bird hunting and world class fishing as well. Moose hunting is limited so we only book two groups per season. Give us a call to book your spot!


There are many hunting opportunities at our lodge, but core of what we offer is world-class black bear hunting. Minimal pressure, abundant forage, and the perfect climate have created a sturdy bear population -- as, well some really big boars! Take a look for yourself at the pictures.


We use ladder stands and ground blinds. We encourage you to bring your safety harness but we do have a supply at camp. Our stands are meticulously maintained with fresh bait and lure.  You will be placed on an active site to optimize your chances. Our area has many clear cuts and logging roads too.  Spot and stalk hunting has been very productive early in the season.

Being the only outfitter in the area, we have no competition from other bear hunters. In recent seasons, our opportunity rate was about 90% and our success rate was nearly 80%. We hunt from the middle of May to the end of June. Hunters may use rifle, muzzleloader, bow or crossbow. If you are an archery hunter, you will love our up close and personal bait locations!

We are a small family-run outfit so you can expect personalized service. To ensure quality service, we average 6 to 8 hunters per week. The number of openings are limited, so book your hunt soon for the outdoors experience of a lifetime.

The 10 day Early Trophy Bear Hunt!  This unique experience includes 10 full days of hunting, breakfast, boat and motor for 2 people, boat gas, free canoe rental, bear skinning, active baits and spot and stalk hunting. Call now for details.  Max of 6 hunters.  Only $2199, Book early!

We have big freezers to freeze your trophy and meat for the trip home.  


Blue Walleye Outpost is now offering a limited archery moose hunt. We have large comfortable moose "hides" overlooking swamps and marshy areas with a healthy moose population. Quebec has over the counter moose licenses, so don't worry about "drawing" a moose tag.  It takes 2 moose licenses to get 1 moose. In zone 13 you can use a crossbow during archery season..  Archery hunters can bag a cow moose every year.

 Archery starts in mid September, which is prime rut.  Book now

If you really want to have some fun, come up for a late season fishing trip and bring your shotgun. We
offer spruce grouse and ruffed grouse hunting from the middle of September until the
camp closes in mid-October. It's also a great time to hook into some really big fish!