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Island Camping and Canoe Shuttle

New For 2018

Camp on one of our pristine islands or beautiful sandy beaches.  See the stars like never before and if your lucky the northern lights! Gorge yourself on wild blueberries and catch walleye from the shore. We'll provide you with a shuttle and everything you'll need for a once in a lifetime overnight canoe trip. Click on the  "prices" tab  or call for more details.


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Blue Walleye Outpost is a  hunting and fishing paradise!

We are booking spring bear hunts for 2018!

Quebec spring black bear  7 day hunt: $1,575   Taxes included!

Quebec moose gun hunt: $895  

Quebec moose rut archery/New: CROSSBOW HUNT!  $1299

Quebec  7 day fishing trip: $695   New 4 stroke motors!

Blue Walleye Outpost

at Lac Achepabanca  

Quebec  black bear hunting, Quebec moose hunting, excellent walleye and pike fishing.